Clere skincare innovations bring the future of skincare to SA

South Africa’s favourite skincare brand, Clere, is introducing their long awaited Gly-Co-Jelly and Gly-Co-Oil products. The product range promises a simple yet powerful innovation that combines the well-understood and entrenched skincare benefits of Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly.

Introducing Gly-Co-Jelly 

By combining the highly efficient and popular ingredients of Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly in their core Gly-Co-Jelly range, Clere has created a skincare solution that provides 48 hours of moisture and instantly nourishes your skin while locking in moisture. It restores and revives dry, ashy skin, leaving it silky soft. “In order to cater for the needs of male consumers, we have also introduced a Gly-Co-Jelly variant in our Clere For Men range,” says Themba Ndlovu, Clere For Men brand manager.

Got stretchmarks? Say hello to Gly-Co-Oil

Another innovation introduced with this range is Clere’s Gly-Co-Oil. This is a concentrated combination of moisturising Glycerine and nourishing Tissue Oil, specially formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and revitalise dehydrated skin.

Disrupting the skincare industry

In the same way that Amazon innovated online retail and Apple fused the internet and mobile phones, Gly-Co-Jelly and Gly-Co-Oil are set to disrupt three skincare categories: Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly.

“We are excited to launch our new offering into the Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly categories,” concludes Ndlovu.

With their unique proposition that adds value across three skincare categories, Gly-Co-Jelly and Gly-Co-Oil are ready to revolutionise the market and drive growth and innovation.

The Clere and Clere For Men Gly-Co-Jelly and Clere Gly-Co-Oil range will be available soon in stores nationwide.

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