Dear men, what’s your scent this month of love?

Masculine, powerful and clean, with the scent to rival a king. There is no denying that scent and scent communication play important roles in the romance department. As sure as roses are red and violets are blue, it’s also true that your scent can make or break your romantic date this month, quite literally. 


So, for the busy guy who wants to stay fresh all day and all night, an effective antiperspirant roll-on is a cornerstone of self-care that will help boost your confidence.


Clere For Men Active introduces their innovative range of men’s antiperspirant roll-ons. These are more than just roll-ons that mask odour and reduce sweating. They break down smelly bacteria and protect against excessive sweating, so you stay fresh and dry all day long. Clere roll-ons provide dryness and 48-hour underarm protection, leaving you smelling good and able to enjoy your active lifestyle.


The Clere For Men Active range of antiperspirant roll-ons is available in three all-new masculine fragrances: Fresh Cooling, Fresh Energy and Invisible Dry Plus (which won’t leave any yellow marks or stains).


“Finding the best roll-on for you is an essential step in your daily hygiene routine. Our roll-ons use a ball-type applicator to spread the antiperspirant formula over your skin evenly to leave men smelling good, making them feel attractive, and, very importantly, allow men to keep up their active lifestyles during and beyond this month of love,” explains Themba Ndlovu, Clere For Men brand manager.


What’s your fragrance this month of love? Whatever your choice, shop your favourite Clere For Men Active roll-on at your nearest Pick n Pay, Spar or PEP nationwide.

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