What is the difference between Clere For Men and Clere Active?
  • Clere For Men variants are Fire, Ice and Storm.
  • Clere Active variants are Hydro-Glycerine Moisture Protection, Ginseng Ultra Energizing and SPF Dual Protection.
What is SPF and how does it work?
  • SPF is sun protection for the specified time on the packaging.
  • Clere has SPF15, which protects from the sun for the first 1hr:15min.
What to use for normal to oily skin

Clere body lotion, enriched with glycerin, leaves the skin soft and smooth.

What to use for dry skin

Glycerin attracts moisture onto the skin, leaving it supple and soft, relieving skin from dryness. Mix Clere glycerin with Clere body crème, or use the glycerin directly on the skin to treat the dryness.