Dear men, what’s your scent this month of love?

Masculine, powerful and clean, with the scent to rival a king. There is no denying that scent and scent communication play important roles in the romance department. As sure as roses are red and violets are blue, it’s also true that your scent can make or break your romantic date this month, quite literally.    […]

When it comes to male grooming, less is more

If there’s anything the past year has taught us, it’s that less is more. Our worlds have been reduced, for many of us, to our homes. We’re living, working and exercising in one space, and that space needs to be decluttered if we want to maintain a sense of calm.  This may be why minimalism […]

Give it your grooming all this summer

It’s official. Summer is here! We’re mere weeks from spending time at South Africa’s sunny holiday spots. By now you’re probably well into your summer-body-ready regime, whether that includes working out at the gym, exercising outdoors, or training in the comfort of your own home. While keeping active is one thing, a great summer look […]

Clere skincare innovations bring the future of skincare to SA

South Africa’s favourite skincare brand, Clere, is introducing their long awaited Gly-Co-Jelly and Gly-Co-Oil products. The product range promises a simple yet powerful innovation that combines the well-understood and entrenched skincare benefits of Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly. Introducing Gly-Co-Jelly  By combining the highly efficient and popular ingredients of Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum […]

The importance of staying active in winter

Winter arrives, and it’s human nature to want to hibernate. Even the most dedicated and fit among us have a harder time when the cold weather hits. Cold days and longer nights make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get your body moving. “There are, however, simple ways to […]

What your choice of fragrance says about you

Olfaction is one of our most important senses, as it is our sense of smell that guides many of our choices; from craving that piping hot cappuccino first thing in the morning to avoiding day old sushi. Our sense of smell allows us to enjoy and appreciate different aspects of life, emotions and experiences.    Pheromones […]