5 tips to finding a mentor

Whether you are getting your career started, establishing yourself in your chosen industry or you may even already be an experienced professional, identifying and benefitting from a mentor will help you in achieving your career goals and long-term aspirations. Thembelihle Lephoko from beauty brand Clere Radiance says that she’s benefitted from the wisdom and guidance […]

Get the glow

Depending on where you are in South Africa, your skin requirements vary drastically. While Cape Town experiences severe drought conditions, Johannesburg has had an increase in rainfall – specifically afternoon thunderstorms! Counter-balancing soaring temperatures, dry conditions or humid conditions with your skin can be difficult and while Lotions and crèmes might have carried us through […]

Clere radiance launches body oil range

Clere Radiance is proud to announce the launch of the Clere Radiance the 5 Oils Body range – Clere Radiance Body Oil, Body Crème and Body Lotion. The new products offer a unique blend of 5 Oils, glycerine as well as Vitamins E&A and Super Fruit Serum for radiant, soft, even skin. Clere Radiance Brand […]

Valentine’s Day! Take a deep breath, men.

Buckle up, guys! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Mixed messages, the stress of not knowing if you are going to get it right this year, and when she says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day – does she really mean it? “Valentine’s Day comes down to the […]

Don’t break the bank to keep you skin radiant

Beauty is a multi-billion Dollar global industry that is constantly evolving and providing women with the latest innovation to look and feel their best. Kateko Ramoshaba, from Clere body skincare experts, says that keeping your skin healthy and beautiful does not always mean having to spend large sums of money on the latest skincare products. […]

It’s summer time! Are you ready to show off?

Finally! Summer is here, and everything seems to be picking up again – your social life, your desire to leave the house and go to the gym, even work doesn’t seem so bad. Winter is often a time when we choose to focus on warmth and less on ourselves, especially when it comes to grooming. […]