When your good looks and sense of humour fail you

Various studies have identified a direct correlation between body scent and attraction. In fact, in most studies, women rank ‘how he smells’ in their top three criteria for whether or not they find him attractive. “A handsome exterior, witty comments and even a large trust-fund, pale in comparison to a great scent,” says Selvan Naicker […]

Myth busting: Winter skincare

For the first time in months the mornings are suddenly dark. Usually you bounce out of bed to sunshine and happiness, but recently you’ve felt a little chill in the bathroom and the need to linger under the covers. Winter’s on its way. Thembelihle Lephoko from facial range, Clere Radiance, says that in the winter […]

5 Skincare routine non-negotiables

Let’s just be real for a minute. If we were really interrogated, we’d all admit to going to bed with our make up on. Often. You know how it is – you’re tired, it’s late – you’ve already collapsed on the bed, and then bam. You realise that you haven’t washed your face. Oh well […]

A petroleum jelly made just for men

Clere® For Men has recently launched a new line to its popular male body grooming range – Clere® For Men Fragranced Petroleum Jelly. Themba Ndlovu, Clere® For Men brand manager, says that petroleum jelly is an extremely versatile product that has been a staple in bathroom cupboards for decades. Petroleum jelly is renowned for its […]

5 ways to nourish your body at night

Your body heals and recuperates overnight. Your brain processes everything you’ve learnt and done that day, your mind hangs in a peaceful resting state and your body goes about attending to any and all niggles that might need attention. Kateko Ramoshaba from skincare leader Clere® says that your skin is a major part of the […]

Don’t break the bank to keep your skin radiant

Beauty is a multi-billion-dollar global industry that is constantly evolving and providing women with the latest innovation to look and feel their best. Kateko Ramoshaba from body skincare experts Clere® says that keeping your skin healthy and beautiful does not always mean having to spend large sums of money on the latest skincare products. “There […]