Clere Radiance 5 oils body range

The Clere Radiance 5 Oils body range marks the first time a South African brand has combined a unique blend of 5 oils (argan oil, castor oil, coconut oil, magnolia oil and olive oil) into a body oil, body lotion and body crème for soft, wellnourished and even skin.
  • Clere Radiance body crème

    Clere Radiance body crème

    A thicker formulation for deeper nourishment and moisture.

  • Clere Radiance body oil

    Clere Radiance body oil

    Non-greasy and quick absorbing for soft, well-nourished and even toned skin. It’s ideal for stretchmarks.

  • Clere Radiance body lotion

    Clere Radiance body lotion

    A smooth formulation that effortlessly leaves skin feeling soft, even and intensely moisturised.

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