Taking care of your summer skin – moving from thick crèmes to lotions

While winter is now firmly behind us, and the biting cold and dry winds that took their toll on our skins gone with the season too, summer comes with its own set of skincare challenges. “The summer heat causes you to perspire more, which results in loss of moisture from your skin. Time spent outside can also sap the skin of essential hydration, making it dry and sensitive. Skin that has its moisture barrier compromised is more prone to issues like infections and rashes. With the humidity experienced in some parts of the country it can be tempting to skip your skincare routine altogether, however, it is essential to provide the skin with the necessary moisture by using a lightweight body lotion,” says
Su-Marie Annandale, Clere brand manager. 

Annandale highlights the benefits of moving from a thick crème to a lighter lotion in summer:

Hydrates skin: It’s easy to lose essential moisture and nutrients from your skin during the summer months. This can lead to issues like ashy patches, dull skin, itchiness and tightness, which, in turn, may stop you from wearing breathable summer outfits, like skirts and short sleeve tops. A body lotion like Clere’s will keep your skin hydrated. Clere’s range of lotions consists of four unique formulations to suit all skin needs: Pure Glycerine, Triple Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine, and a Glycerine Gel formulation. All four formulations provide 48-hour moisturisation and contain Vitamins E & A, which are gentle, yet effective.

Keeps skin nourished for longer: A body lotion will not only hydrate the skin but also lock in the moisture and nourishment provided by the body from the inside. This helps keep your skin calm and soft to the touch all day long.

Calms down the effects of prickly heat: When your skin is exposed to the hot sun, it can start to sting and irritate, especially if you are outside a lot. A body lotion infused with calming and cooling ingredients can keep your skin sting-free even on superhot days.

Prevents heat rashes: Summer activities like working out, swimming and other outdoor sports can be harsh on the skin. From perspiration clogging hair follicles to pool water drying out your skin, summer rashes only get more prevalent as the heat intensifies. Using a body lotion can help keep summer rashes at bay.

“Good skincare in summer is about making simple changes, keeping to tried and tested basics and then indulging in a pampering body lotion to keep your skin soft, bright and appealing. It is all about taking some time out from hectic routines to ensure that you always look and feel your best – something that Clere understands,” says Annandale.

Clere’s range of crèmes and lotions is available at all leading retailers at a cost of approximately R34.99 (500ml) and R21.99 (400ml), respectively.

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Media queries Julia Rice | Republic PR | julia@republicpr.co.za