Valentine’s Day! Take a deep breath, men.

Buckle up, guys! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Mixed messages, the stress of not knowing if you are going to get it right this year, and when she says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day – does she really mean it?

“Valentine’s Day comes down to the age-old question – what do women want?” says Themba Ndlovu, brand manager for Clere For Men. “Men have been trying to understand women for years and the truth is, no man has been able to crack the code. But where does that leave us this Valentine’s Day?”

Ndlovu offers the following 6 tips on how to enjoy a (hopefully) stress-free Valentine’s Day:

  1. Listen. She may not be telling you directly and in detail what she wants for Valentine’s Day, but she will be leaving bread crumbs along the way. If she is still on a diet from the holidays, don’t buy her a mountain of chocolate, but don’t go and buy her a gym membership either.
  2. If you are going to buy her flowers, PLEASE make sure they are her favourite. Don’t know what those are? Then find out – do some research, stalk her friends and social media – this is an emergency; do whatever it takes. Also, take the time to go into a florist and buy them (the side of the road doesn’t count).
  3. Book in advance. If you decide to take her out for a romantic dinner, turning up at the restaurant and expecting a free table is a definite no – because there won’t be one. You will be standing there with an unimpressed partner, along with the other ten guys who were expecting the same thing as you – not forgetting their unimpressed partners – and women like to talk. This won’t end well for you.
  4. Sometimes, it is not about going out, but staying in. Making dinner at home, sitting around a romantic table, or a picnic in the lounge or garden, says “I care” even more than a busy restaurant. Just make sure you include some of her favourite foods, and if she is allergic to shellfish, oysters are out of the question – no matter how romantic they may look in the movies.
  5. Whether you are staying in, or going out, make the effort to look good, because she will. There is no need to don a tuxedo, or reach for the shoes that you only wear at weddings and funerals, but a quick shower, and a little fragrance can go a long way. Clere For Men’s body lotions and crèmes, available in three masculine scents – Storm, Ice and Fire – will keep you smelling and feeling fresh this Valentine’s Day (and every other day in between).
  6. Hint: Every woman is different, and spoiling the woman in your life should be more about who she is and what she likes, than about what you THINK she likes.