What your choice of fragrance says about you

Olfaction is one of our most important senses, as it is our sense of smell that guides many of our choices; from craving that piping hot cappuccino first thing in the morning to avoiding day old sushi. Our sense of smell allows us to enjoy and appreciate different aspects of life, emotions and experiences.   

Pheromones are received via scent, and these play a role in how attractive we find individuals. The scent you choose to wear also says a lot about you as an individual. “The way we smell impacts on our sense of self-worth and effects our day – if we smell good, we feel good; we’re confident and more positive,” says Themba Ndlovu, Clere For Men brand manager.

The kind of scent a man chooses to wear gives us insight into his personality and interests. From oriental and spicy to fresh and fruity, a man’s choice of scent sets him apart from his peers. Of course, it’s not an exact science, there’s always a little wriggle room, but chances are you’ll see pieces of yourself in your favourite fragrance. So, what does your signature scent say about you?

Ndlovu breaks down the top fragrance profiles.

Fresh and fruity. Men who like fresh or lightly fruity scents are generally fun-loving guys who don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re the centre of attention, the life of the party, and love making people laugh – it’s all about being fun and easy-going. They’re confident and spend their free time surrounded by friends or exploring the great outdoors. Men who sport these fragrances usually lead an active lifestyle, whether they’re jogging every morning or spending time with family and friends in the evening. Clere For Men Legend’s top note, fougère, provides a fresh scent with citrus and floral hints. The brand’s Storm variant emits a fruity floral scent, complimented by citrus fragrances.

Oriental and spicy. Suits, brogues and cufflinks fill the closet of the man who wears a spicy fragrance. It’s sophisticated and a little mysterious, just like him. He likes to relax at home with his friends, and is romantic, too. He loves a night out – treating the leading lady in his life. He’s meticulous with his work and wardrobe and is often complimented on his style and attention to detail. Clere For Men Fire boasts an oriental, spicy fragrance with notes of musk and citrus.

Musk and wood. Musk and wood-based fragrances have a rich, full-bodied scent that leaves a lasting impression. This scent oozes confidence and total masculinity. Wearing musk and wood-based scents conveys the message that you’re suave, smooth and you know what you want. Clere For Men Ice gives a citrus scent with a touch of musk and cedar wood.

“When it comes to impressing your better half, the type of scent you choose plays an important role too,” explains Ndlovu. It’s been found that the scents generally liked by women have floral fruity notes and musk notes.

Women have their favourite fragrances when deciding on a scent to complement their outfits and define themselves. “But it doesn’t stop there,” says Ndlovu “they are very particular about how the men in their lives smell and what fragrances appeal to them. Clere For Men was designed with not only the fragrances that men love in mind, but with those that women love too.”

A man’s choice of scent is deeply individualised. “When choosing products for your grooming routine, consider three major factors. First, you must like the fragrance. Buying something on the suggestion of someone else won’t work if you don’t like it. Secondly, consider whether your choice suits your personality. Thirdly, choose a fragrance that appeals to your other half; after all they are the ones that are around you the most,” Ndlovu advises.

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