Winter exercising tips from Clere For Men Active

As soon as we start to feel a chill in the air it’s human nature to want to pack away our summer clothes and replace them with jackets, boots and scarves. However, what you shouldn’t put away, says Themba Ndlovu brand manager for Clere For Men Active, is your gym gear. Whether you choose to hibernate in winter or not, exercising should never be a summer must-do only.

Winter’s warm hearty stews, soups and delicious cups of hot chocolate, will make you happy in the moment, but unfortunately lead to unwanted extra kilos. “While ‘remember why you started,’ is one of the most overused gym phrases, it does in fact hold true. Exercise through the colder months to reap the rewards in the warmer ones, also known as ‘summer bodies are made in winter’.”

Ndlovu shares some tips to help keep you active throughout winter:

Reset your goals: Winter has longer nights than it does days, making it harder to wake up for gym the same time you would in summer. Therefore, be realistic and set new gym routines that work well with the season. Why not set aside time during your lunch break to get a quick work out in? Or head to the gym after work when it’s still a bit warmer outside?

Reward yourself: Now that you’ve set your goals, find a healthy way to give yourself credit for each goal achieved. Remember those dental appointments as a kid when you would get a sweet for good behaviour? Apply the same concept in this regard.

Get new gym gear: Adding a couple new gym pants, T-Shirts or even a shiny pair of trainers to your closet has a way of motivating you to push through.

Gym partner: We are naturally social beings, in all aspects of our lives, including when it comes to being active and getting fit. Consider getting a gym partner who has the same, or similar body goals as yourself. Just the feeling of letting someone down or being let down is enough for you not to do it and both you and your partner will have even more motivation to never skip a day in the gym.

Have it on file: Working out and not seeing any visible results can be demotivating. Why not document your journey? Take a progress photo of yourself every two weeks, compare them in a few months’ time and you’ll be able to see the great results for yourself.

Mental health yields physical health: This is often overlooked however, ensuring you have prepared yourself mentally to get active will work to your advantage. The real battle is in your mind, once you have that one locked down, you’re sure to push past your limits.

Keep your skin looking great: You’re exercising, sweating, having hot showers, plus the air outside is dry, meaning it’s a recipe for disaster for your skin. The change of season can take a toll on your skin. Use a rich, thicker moisturiser in winter like Clere For Men Active Ginseng Ultra Energising and Hydro-Glycerine Moisture body crèmes. Uniquely formulated with ProMoist consisting of glycerine, omega oils and Vitamins E & A, all vital in moisturisation and keeping skin smooth to the touch, the crèmes provide 48-hour moisture. Keep your moisturiser in your gym bag so you’ll be reminded to apply it as soon as you get out of the shower.